Hint: it has nothing to do with becoming the fittest person in the world…

Many of our members started doing CrossFit to lose weight, get in shape, look better naked, escape boredom, start a new challenge… all the typical reasons why anyone would begin a new exercise program. But why do they stay? Why do people love CrossFit? For many, their CrossFit gym isn’t just the place they sweat — it’s the place they become a better version of themselves and make the best of friends.

But don’t take my word for it.

I asked seven PPCF members of different ages, genders, backgrounds, and skill levels this very simple question: “Why do you love CrossFit?” Below are their responses… take their word for it instead:

“I love CrossFit for the community and the constant, ever-changing mental and physical challenge.” — Samantha P.

“I love Crossfit because mentally and physically it helps me relieve my stress in life. This past year I have not only seen a physical change, but I have mentally become a stronger person. My confidence and attitude towards life and my overall well-being has grown. When I’m at PPCF I am physically and mentally fighting the stress out of body. After a Crossfit workout, no matter how challenging, I always leave feeling mentally stimulated and of course, physically exhausted. And that’s what I love most about CrossFit.” — Melissa M.

“More than anything, I love CrossFit because of how it makes me feel — healthy, limber and athletic. It improves my mood and increases my energy levels. And it does all this in a fun, inclusive environment with enthusiastic coaches and members that make me look forward to getting to the gym and motivate me to continuously improve.” — Yossi C.

“Why do I love CrossFit? It’s not one thing but a combination of things: 1.) the workouts are always different so there is no getting bored; 2.) it creates a competitive atmosphere for you to compete with yourself to create the best version of you; and 3.) the community that is CrossFit is like no other. It’s not about who finishes first, it’s about getting everyone to finish.” — George K.

“I love Crossfit for a number of reasons. Not only is it a great workout, but the people that make up the CrossFit community are so welcoming and supportive. Whether you were the first one to finish the workout or the last, everyone is cheering you on until your last rep. That hour I spend in the gym with all the other athletes is my favorite hour of my day, even at 6 AM. Each day is something different and you walk out of the gym knowing you’re better than when you came in. Ultimately, its about being the best version of yourself.” — Ashley S.

“Why do I love CrossFit? A zillion reasons but if I had to choose one, it would be for the comradery and the community atmosphere. Your typical CrossFit box is pretty much like working out in your garage with your best friends. Humans are social creatures, we thrive off of interacting and socializing with each other. Working out alone with your headphones on just isn’t too motivating to try harder. But when you have a dozen other people screaming their hears off at you and cheering you on to finish faster or lift harder, you are definitely going to work harder and do things you never ever thought you could, or would do.” –Pat L.

“One of my favorite things about CrossFit is the workouts can be scaled for any fitness level. Even if you have an injury or a mobility issue, you are always part of the class and doing the WODs, just maybe with a modification or two. And when you work through those issues, there’s always room for improvement and every workout continues to be a challenge. There’s more to CrossFit than just working out though. It’s awesome to have a space to hang out with friends, meet new friends and encourage your fellow human beings. It’s a really positive warm environment. CrossFit makes me feel good physically and mentally — and I guess that’s just really why I love it.” — One of our very awesome and passionate (but totally anonymous) members

So if you are sick of feeling like just a number, or exercising without a smile on your face, check out your local CrossFit gym. Your new fitness family is already there waiting to sweat with you.

  • Rates

    Month to Month Unlimited$165
    3 Classes a week$125
    Fundamentals - 3 sessions$120
    3 Months in Advance ($155 a Month)$465
    6 Months in Advance ($150 a month)$900
    1 Year in Advance ($145/mo)$1740
    SWEAT Class$125
  • Personal Training

    1 Hour session$60
    4 One hour sessions$220
    8 One hour sessions$420
  • Discounts

    Military and First Responders 25%
    Family Rate / Couple Rate10%