Proving Your Fitness: Sports Teams, Races, and of course, Competitions



Why Its Important

You show up most days. Say, at least 4-5 times every week. You warm-up, you lift heavy, you bust your hump, you bleed, sweat, cry, and then cool down. You record everything (you may even record your food, water intake, and sleep). You definitely check the Wodify Leaderboard. Maybe you are a big fish in a small pond — always near the top. Maybe you are competing against one or two similar athletes in the gym. Maybe your only competition is yourself. You have goals — perhaps they are written down or perhaps you just keep them to yourself. Your reasons for CrossFit might be complicated, varied, ever-changing… or it might just be that you want to look and feel good naked. Regardless of the specifics, this is your “gym life.” For the most part, it really only exists within four walls, in a small corner of your life. Not everyone has the time or energy or interest to be a high-level athlete and there’s nothing wrong with that. But what if, you made your training worth just a little… MORE?

Don’t get us wrong: your health is worth A LOT (we might even argue that it is everything… but then again, we’re pretty biased). But exercising just for health or in-house goals, won’t allow you to reap the benefits that “proving your fitness” could afford you. What do we mean by “proving your fitness?” To put it simply: taking it outside. No, we don’t mean bring your barbell or rower outside to catch some extra vitamin D. We mean take it outside of Power Pack. Outside of your comfort zone. There are a number of ways your could do this, but here’s a short list:
Race – run, bike, swim, obstacle, for charity, at a different destination, long, short… you get the gist.
Play a sport – adult leagues exist at varying levels of competitiveness so go and find them!
Go on an adventure – hiking, rock climbing, mountaineering… see how your super-fit-self handles itself in nature.
Compete – CrossFit competitions are a great way to test the movements you practice in the gym but in a setting you are far-less familiar with.
And what are these “benefits” we speak of? The greatest gift of proving your fitness is a sense of purpose. Even in an environment that is constantly varied, like CrossFit, things can begin to feel a bit monotonous (ever catch yourself thinking, “didn’t we just go wall balls?”). Training for a race, a sporting event, a hiking trip, or a competition can breathe new life into your fitness and help push you just a little harder than you would if it was just routine. Proving your fitness also does exactly what the name implies: it testifies to and verifies your level of fitness – physically and mentally. A challenge of any kind will bring out something in you might know know exists; you cannot know what you have deep down unless you put it to the test.

The Do’s and Don’ts

DO – Train ahead of time.
DON’T – Train three weeks before the event – you won’t feel prepared and you could run the risk of injury.

DO – Add some “specific” training. If its a road race, do a little more running. If you’e climbing a mountain, test out your gear. If you are playing in a soccer league, it’s a good idea to work on your footwork.
DON’T – Stop coming to CrossFit. You still need a baseline, general level of fitness for whatever you are about to tackle and CrossFit is the perfect thing for just that!

DO – Test runs. It will help you mentally prepare.
DON’T – Test yourself every other day. You’ll burn yourself out and get frustrated if there’s little to no improvement.

DO – Sign up.
DON’T – Sign up for everything or nothing. All things in moderation.

Proving Your Fitness …at the Shore

Ready to prove your fitness? Here is a list of local ideas:

  • Run Your Giblets Off 5K Turkey Trot – 11/24 @ Thompson Park
  • Asbury Park Santa Run – 12/10 in Asbury Park
  • Best Fall Foliage Hikes:
  • Indoor Rock Climbing in Middletown:
  • Adult Soccer Leagues @ Good Sports USA in Wall:
  • Rugby (because according to Coach Kelsey, “its never too late to play”) – men’s and women’s sides based out of the Red Bank/Lincroft-area:
  • Co-Ed CrossFit Classic – 11/19 @ CrossFit Barbending
  • Battle of The Boxes 2016 – 11/20 @ Monmouth CrossFit
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    6 Months in Advance ($150 a month)$900
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