Mind Your Manners


“Mind Your Manners”

You may not find the below “rules” written in the waiver or posted on the wall, but basic etiquette is essential in maintaining a safe, healthy, and welcoming space for every coach, member, and visitor who walks into Power Pack. Here are the guidelines for being a conscientious member at our gym:

Coaches like to be prepared; most of us mentally prepare before class and roughly outline its structure. If the coach knows who and how many people will be in class, they can more accurately guess how much time should be allotted to each portion of the WOD, how to best set-up the MetCon, and even adjust the workout based on equipment needs. It should also be mentioned that for the 4:30AM class, this is required; primarily so that the early morning coach is not jumping out of bed only to sit at the gym for fifteen minutes before cancelling class (…poor Coach Jay). Additionally, when you arrive at the gym, you should make sure you check-into Wodify. Not only does this help you track your progress, but it allows for better behind-the-scenes management for the gym as a whole.

People come to CrossFit for the workout, but they stay for the community. Our gym has always been a warm, welcoming place. As we continue to grow, it is even more important that you introduce yourself to faces you don’t recognize. If you can’t remember the butterflies you felt on your first day of class, let me remind you that walking in the first couple of times can feel very intimidating. Offer to partner up with new people. Ask them questions about themselves between sets. Make everyone feel as at-home as you feel when you walk through our doors.

We call it “class” for a reason. You come here to sweat, make friends, look good naked… but you are also here to LEARN and we are here to TEACH. So it is important that after you have checked-in and said “hello” to all the newcomers, that you circle-up around the whiteboard, listen and pay attention to whoever is coaching that day. Trust us when we say that there is almost nothing more frustrating than going over the workout and the movements while someone is talking over us — it’s incredibly disrespectful to us and it can be wildly distracting and rude to your fellow classmates who are trying to learn.

It’s true, most of our equipment is meant to be dropped, tossed, and otherwise abused, but there are exceptions. First, empty barbells are not meant to be dropped. Dropping an empty bar can ruin the bearings inside, destroying their spin and increasing their likelihood of breaking. Second, a barbell with a single ten-pound plate on each side can, not only crack the rubber plate, but it is also likely to ricochet and hit someone else (I’ve been hit by someone’s runaway bar before and it was not cool). Third, a barbell with only metal plates on it cannot be dropped; it can break the plate and the bar in one go. Moving away from barbell rules, you shouldn’t let the handle of the C2 rower going flying back into the catch, kettlebells should be dropped inches (not feet) from the floor, and heavy objects should not be dropped on the jump boxes. In general, you don’t have to treat the equipment like fine china, but you should be mindful of its appropriate use. If you are unsure, ask a coach; we will certainly tell you if a piece of equipment is being misused.

There are several ways in which you can help ensure that the gym remains a clean, hygienic and usable space for everyone:
1.) Wipe down anything and everything you bleed, sweat, or cry on — because germs are yucky.
2.) Contain the chalk — apply to your hands with your hands still partially in the bucket and make sure the bucket isn’t within striking distance of any equipment that may go rogue during your workout (i.e. barbell, wall ball, kettlebell, etc.)
3.) Put your stuff away when you’re done — if you lifted it off the rack, you can put it back.

Speaking of cleaning up your equipment… when cleaning up post-WOD, try and wait until everyone is done. If you have to bolt, by means, put your things away and get-going. However, if you are going to be hanging out to stretch and chat, hold off on putting the equipment away and cheer everyone else on. Sometimes seeing that everyone else is not only finished but also packed up and ready to leave, can be discouraging. Cheer for the last person standing — it may be the final push they need to finish the WOD.

Nothing feels more like community than when our members hang out and chat it up. We love getting to know you outside the confines of class time. But please, if a coach has started class, keep it to a dull roar. Just as you were paying attention at the beginning of your class, others are now trying to learn in theirs. Use your “inside voices,” clear the main floor, and try not to disturb the next class.

Be considerate and respectful is the ultimate rule. Take care of the space and treat everyone as you would want to be treated. By following some simple etiquette and practicing a little mindfulness, the overall PPCF experience will be enhanced for all.

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    Month to Month Unlimited$165
    3 Classes a week$125
    Fundamentals - 3 sessions$120
    3 Months in Advance ($155 a Month)$465
    6 Months in Advance ($150 a month)$900
    1 Year in Advance ($145/mo)$1740
    SWEAT Class$125
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    8 One hour sessions$420
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